Nursing home advocate — Caring for the Elderly Parent

We all need someone on our side no matter how old or young we are, especially an elderly parent in a nursing home.  After placing my dad in the nursing home, I realized he really needed an advocate … [Read more...]

The Asia Expat: Thailand Adventures of Two Baby Boomers

expat in thailand

  Editor's note: Baby boomers John and Jane Estes, of Seattle, decided a couple of months ago to chuck it all, put everything in storage and take up the expat's life in Thailand for a few years. … [Read more...]

A Place for Mom (or Dad): Hidden Nursing Home Costs

nursing home costs wheelchair

As we Boomers face getting older, I think we all have the fear of the "nursing home" if not for our selves, for our parents. When thoughts of a nursing home come to mind I can't help but think of … [Read more...]

Retire Abroad on Social Security – Deal or No Deal?

Is retirement looking like a bummer for baby boomers because they haven’t saved much? Retire abroad may be the answer. Or not. I’m a natural born skeptic so when I find stories about Americans who … [Read more...]

Reverse Mortgage Information for Retiring Baby Boomers

Editor's Note: The Boomer Post asked Roger Rheinheimer, of Network Funding, to provide some frequently-asked-questions about reverse mortgage information, an increasingly popular means of helping fund … [Read more...]

Is Social Security Taxable? What Baby Boomers Need to Know.

Is Social Security taxable? In an earlier post I wrote that Social Security benefits can be taxed. And for many baby boomers it won’t be pretty either. Stay with me and I will direct you to a website … [Read more...]

Expat Living: What? Motocy. What?

at our small village's Sunday evening market

  The United States is one of the few places in the world where the car is the major mode of transportation.   The rest of the world predominately uses two-wheeled vehicles – bicycles, … [Read more...]

States Where Baby Boomers Ought to Retire

Palouse farmhouse

The AARP just published its list of the best and worst states to retire in. Not as in the state of confusion. These United States. Ready? Baby Boomers, pay attention.  The AARP is full of … [Read more...]

The Asia Expat: Why Thailand ? Thoughts on Retirement

thailand national park retirement

  Why  Thailand?  The answer to that question starts and ends with finances. I had been self employed for the last 12 years, providing financing for new and existing business equipment … [Read more...]

How to Screw Up Your Spouse’s Retirement

The best way to spoil your wife's post you years is to keep all the secrets to yourself. It's so easy I hardly need to tell some readers of The Boomer Post. But just in case you slipped and told her … [Read more...]