Be a Contributor

Hey, boomers!  Share your stories. Recent. Way back when. Funny. Sad. Instructive. Your childhood. Marriage. Children. Travel.

For example: when my nephew was three he excitedly cried out to his Dad that on the beach he found a “pork and cheese” man’o war.  After we stopped laughing my brother and I began remembering a whole slew of similar kid-isms from our baby boomerhood.

Or your expertise — do you have a hobby or profession that would be of interest to other boomers? Our generation is one of the most accomplished and widely-traveled of any generation. Or a well-thought-out opinion of life in these interesting times.

Share your knowledge!

You don’t need to be a professional. Just make it real.  So here are the rules:

Here’s your chance to share your expertise, baby boomer stories and photos on The Boomer Post. You need not be a professional writer, but should have a knack for turning out a clear, well-written piece that needs minimal editing.

The Boomer Post is maintained by a small team so we ask your help when submitting stories.

The most important thing to know is this: The Boomer Post will only accept and consider material of interest to its target audience — baby boomers with active lifestyles and youthful spirits.

Here are our guidelines to submit a story:

  1. Send a story idea first. If you have pictures we may ask you to send them later. You must own the copyrights to the pictures or graphics or they must be in the public domain.
  2. Write your story in a word processor then cut and paste it in an email to The Boomer Post.  Don’t add attachments  which can hide baddies like malware and viruses.
  3. Limit your story’s word count to 300 and 900 words. Keep the topic laser-focused: pick one topic to write about. If the topic has several sub-topics, these can be additional posts.
  4. Don’t send copyrighted material. That’s because we may need to edit the content. In other words, if you submit it we reserve the right to change it.
  5. Don’t send rough drafts. Try to make it as clean and immediately publishable as possible.
  6. We don’t offer payment for the article, but if you have a website, we will include a link back to your site, which can help your search engine ranking and visitation.
  7. After three submissions have been accepted, we can set you up with a contributor’s login so that you can post your story directly. All posts will be subject to editorial approval.
  8. Once you are a contributor, you will be expected to learn to do some basic keyword research and search engine optimization. It’s easy and we’ll help you out.
  9. Have fun. We do.
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