Retire Abroad on Social Security – Deal or No Deal?

Is retirement looking like a bummer for baby boomers because they haven’t saved much? Retire abroad may be the answer. Or not. I’m a natural born skeptic so when I find stories about Americans who … [Read more...]

Is Social Security Taxable? What Baby Boomers Need to Know.

Is Social Security taxable? In an earlier post I wrote that Social Security benefits can be taxed. And for many baby boomers it won’t be pretty either. Stay with me and I will direct you to a website … [Read more...]

How to Screw Up Your Spouse’s Retirement

The best way to spoil your wife's post you years is to keep all the secrets to yourself. It's so easy I hardly need to tell some readers of The Boomer Post. But just in case you slipped and told her … [Read more...]

Tax on Social Security? Why Boomers Should Retire in Egypt

Want to avoid income taxes in retirement? Sure, who doesn’t. Except people who don’t have any retirement income. But wait. There is a potential tax on Social Security benefits. Yes. They are subject … [Read more...]

RMD: The Older Boomers Get, the More They are Taxed

Ever hear of RMD? Not R&D, Poindexter. R-M-D, which stands for Required Minimum Distribution. It's the government's way of taxing boomers more as they age. Here's how it works: Let's say you … [Read more...]

How Baby Boomers Can Game Social Security Payments

It's legal. Gaming Social Security payments for more money, that is. Start with this: For every year you decide not to take payments beyond full retirement age you get an 8% raise. Forever. This works … [Read more...]

Free Money for Baby Boomers in Retirement

Let's say you're 62 years old. And let's say you don't want to eat dog food and beans in retirement. Or you just want to have more fun which all baby boomers want to do. Well, go straight to the bank … [Read more...]

Getting Your Maximum Social Security Benefit

Wanna game the Social Security system in retirement?  That is, squeeze the most juice out of it?  Get your maximum Social Security benefit? Well, listen up. Don't just belly up to the bar and sign up … [Read more...]

How to Kill Your Social Security Payments

Hey Boomers, want to reduce your Social Security monthly payments? Yeah, like you want to amputate your own fingers with scissors. But some of you will do it. Not the fingers. The Social Security … [Read more...]