Why you Need an Estate Lawyer: Estate Planning for Baby Boomers

            Disclaimer:  I am not your estate planning lawyer. The information here is for informational purposes only. Past success is not a guarantee of future results. Que sera sera.  And so … [Read more...]

A Place for Mom (or Dad): Hidden Nursing Home Costs

nursing home costs wheelchair

As we Boomers face getting older, I think we all have the fear of the "nursing home" if not for our selves, for our parents. When thoughts of a nursing home come to mind I can't help but think of … [Read more...]

Reverse Mortgage Information for Retiring Baby Boomers

Editor's Note: The Boomer Post asked Roger Rheinheimer, of Network Funding, to provide some frequently-asked-questions about reverse mortgage information, an increasingly popular means of helping fund … [Read more...]

Is Social Security Taxable? What Baby Boomers Need to Know.

Is Social Security taxable? In an earlier post I wrote that Social Security benefits can be taxed. And for many baby boomers it won’t be pretty either. Stay with me and I will direct you to a website … [Read more...]

The 85% Rule is a Joke

OK. Let's say you didn't save anything for retirement. I'm not talking to you. So let's say you've got more money than you know what to do with. I'm not talking to you either. But if you're a baby … [Read more...]