Nursing home advocate — Caring for the Elderly Parent

We all need someone on our side no matter how old or young we are, especially an elderly parent in a nursing home.  After placing my dad in the nursing home, I realized he really needed an advocate … [Read more...]

The Asia Expat: Thailand Adventures of Two Baby Boomers

expat in thailand

  Editor's note: Baby boomers John and Jane Estes, of Seattle, decided a couple of months ago to chuck it all, put everything in storage and take up the expat's life in Thailand for a few years. … [Read more...]

The Asia Expat: Expatriate Spotlight on Hong Kong

By Steven Coleman Hong Kong is a semi-autonomous, special administrative region of China, with a population of over 7 million people. The climate is extremely diverse; tropical in the south to … [Read more...]

Lee Byers – Expatriate Tax Saving Advantages

Learn About the Expatriate Tax Advantage When you move abroad to live or work permanently overseas, your tax situation changes.  Depending on the nation you originate from, you will need to be … [Read more...]

Why you Need an Estate Lawyer: Estate Planning for Baby Boomers

            Disclaimer:  I am not your estate planning lawyer. The information here is for informational purposes only. Past success is not a guarantee of future results. Que sera sera.  And so … [Read more...]

What Baby Boomers Fear Most

            Here’s a good one. A giant ad in last Sunday’s newspaper blared Baby Boomers Now Fear Memory Loss More Than Cancer            Seriously? What about snakes and public speaking?  What about … [Read more...]

A Place for Mom (or Dad): Hidden Nursing Home Costs

nursing home costs wheelchair

As we Boomers face getting older, I think we all have the fear of the "nursing home" if not for our selves, for our parents. When thoughts of a nursing home come to mind I can't help but think of … [Read more...]

The Asia Expat: Giving Back to the Community

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A home is more than the house you live in. No matter how you personalize it, how much care you put into your home, how much time you spend in it – your home may be your “castle” but your castle is … [Read more...]

Retire Abroad on Social Security – Deal or No Deal?

Is retirement looking like a bummer for baby boomers because they haven’t saved much? Retire abroad may be the answer. Or not. I’m a natural born skeptic so when I find stories about Americans who … [Read more...]

Reverse Mortgage Information for Retiring Baby Boomers

Editor's Note: The Boomer Post asked Roger Rheinheimer, of Network Funding, to provide some frequently-asked-questions about reverse mortgage information, an increasingly popular means of helping fund … [Read more...]