Avoid the Worst Dressed List – What Baby Boomers Should NOT Wear

Avoiding the Baby Boomer Worst Dressed List Guayaberas are my favorite hate attire. If you can hate clothing. Makes you look like a pharmacist or a barber. Now I’m not dissing barbers or druggists, … [Read more...]

What Baby Boomers Fear Most

            Here’s a good one. A giant ad in last Sunday’s newspaper blared Baby Boomers Now Fear Memory Loss More Than Cancer            Seriously? What about snakes and public speaking?  What about … [Read more...]

Baby Boomers and the Quest for the Cure All

You’ve seen the preposterous cure all ads. In newspapers, online, and on TV. “Miracle drug stops all pain forever! Reverses bad heart conditions! Re-grows hair, organs, even limbs! Never suffer from … [Read more...]

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Deciphering the Crazy Lyrics of Baby Boomer Rock Hits of the 50s and 60s

People, and I mean you baby boomer people, what were bands thinking when back in the day they came out with rock hits whose lyrics made no sense whatever? Be Bop A Lula by Gene Vincent – … [Read more...]

Adult Diaper Stories – Baby Boomers in Diapers – Then and Now

We started out young, soft, and leaky. And we’re gonna end up old, soft, and leaky. But it occurred to me as I thumbed through the Walgreens flyer in the Sunday paper that there is no imagination in … [Read more...]

How to Piss Off a Baby Boomer at the Box Office

Let’s get this right out front: The movie theater doesn’t piss me off, but the ticket seller does. I have all my hair. It’s graying, not white. I don’t use a walker or roll an oxygen tank behind me. … [Read more...]