Best Surround Sound System – Denon AVR-1912 A/V Receiver

Denon AVR1912 receiver

Denon’s AVR-1912 audio video receiver is quite simply, fabulous. We have it installed in a large room, 20’ X 22’ with twenty foot ceilings, and the gorgeous sound completely fills the room. On more … [Read more...]

The Asia Expat: Thailand Adventures of Two Baby Boomers

expat in thailand

  Editor's note: Baby boomers John and Jane Estes, of Seattle, decided a couple of months ago to chuck it all, put everything in storage and take up the expat's life in Thailand for a few years. … [Read more...]

Avoid the Worst Dressed List – What Baby Boomers Should NOT Wear

Avoiding the Baby Boomer Worst Dressed List Guayaberas are my favorite hate attire. If you can hate clothing. Makes you look like a pharmacist or a barber. Now I’m not dissing barbers or druggists, … [Read more...]

Recipes for Sweet Potatoes: Christie’s Spicy Sweet Potato Bakes

This is from John Robbin’s book The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less, but we changed it up a little. There are lots of recipes for sweet potatoes, but this one stands … [Read more...]

Easy, Easy Roast Beef Recipe

            This roast beef recipe is easier than the roasted chicken breast recipe I posted last week. All you need is a cheap cut of beef and a slow cooker. I use a liner to make cleaning up a … [Read more...]

What Baby Boomers Fear Most

            Here’s a good one. A giant ad in last Sunday’s newspaper blared Baby Boomers Now Fear Memory Loss More Than Cancer            Seriously? What about snakes and public speaking?  What about … [Read more...]

Scrumptilious Baked Chicken Breast Recipe

 If you're looking for the best baked chicken breast recipe, look no further!   This is the juiciest chicken you will ever wrap your lips around. And when I say easy I mean like lazybones. (This … [Read more...]

More Great Vegetarian Dinner Recipes – Whitewater Cooks Cookbook

vegetarian dinner recipes whitewater cooking glory bowl

I have owned and enjoyed many cookbooks in my life.  I find them all over the place--garage sales, book stores, but in this case on a boat in far northern British Columbia, Canada while I was on the … [Read more...]

Great Vegetarian Dinner Recipes: White Bean Soup Recipe

You will love the simplicity of this white bean soup recipe and the tasty result. Ingredients: 1  16 ounce package of Great Northern Beans 4  14.5 ounce cans of vegetable broth 3   packets of Goya … [Read more...]

Great Vegetarian Dinner Recipes: Black Bean Soup

vegetarian dinner recipes black bean soup

Great vegetarian dinner recipes don't have to be complicated. Nor does a good, cheap meal, cooked from scratch. This one  will cost you only pennies (well, maybe dimes...). It just takes a bit of … [Read more...]