Government Waste

What about that new GAO report on government waste?

I can’t believe our elected officials are so irresponsible with the taxes we pay! I am astounded! We need to be directly asking our representatives about this government waste of our taxes. Why to we pay taxes for so many agencies doing the same thing? Billions of our tax dollars wasted. If this doesn’t piss you off, you are dead, a politician or on the dole! We need to be seriously looking at getting the old guard out and deleting most of the existing politicians. WTF? Check out the independence caucus or the GOOOH party or anything but what we have. My 21 year old could do a better job than these clowns?


  1. Government waste are all the politicans in the White House!
    To clean up all the waste get rid of all the trash that occupies our founding fathers’ seats! Replace this waste with “Good Old Fashioned Americans!”
    Based on One Nation Under Goder, Patriotism, Freedom, Laws of the Land, Military Strength and Capitalism!
    Are there any left out there?


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