Giffords Shooting

What a tragedy for such a beautiful, bright, caring, talented congresswoman to be shot by some nut!

This story of congresswoman Giffords being shot is full of so many tragedies.  Nine year old Christina Green died at this misguided young mans along with Federal Judge John Roll as well as the others.  then there is the tragedy of the right wing extremists ( which are as bad as the left, muslim, gay, and whatever other extremists there are) from the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas (whose website is ,My God!!!) who are going to protest the Christina Green’s funeral (i didn’t read where she was gay).  WTF are they thinking (I jest, clearly they have no capability of thinking)!!  By their very actions, they threaten freedom of speech.  Clearly the supreme court is considering limiting freedom of speech in “certain areas” because of their past protests.  There is the tragedy of having to waste resources and court time to try that son of a bitch that should have been shot at the scene by someone exercising their 2nd amendment rights.  That would have been due process enough for me in this case.  Now Congresswoman Gabby Giffords hangs onto life that will be forever changed while her family waits and prays that she will come back to herself.  Then there is the tragedy of some members of the media blaming Giffords shooting on right wing rhetoric and blaming the tea party people for Giffords shooting.  What a bunch of s#$%!  then there was the tragedy of Jared Lee Loughner’s mental health issues being ignored just like that radical muslim doctor that killed all of those people at Ft. Hood in Texas.  That son of a bitch should have been shot dead at the scene too!  I would encourage all patriots that carry a gun to make sure this happens if you are present at some event like this in the future!  Yes I’m a second amendment  extremist.  Shoot the mofo dead!  What a waste of life and energy!  then there is the tragedy of the Left wing extremists that will call for more gun control.  How stupid can you get?  If someone had pulled out a piece and shot him dead before he got off so many rounds, maybe they would understand better the need to be armed.  Where was her bodyguard?  May the Woodboro church burn to the ground and Jared Lee Loughner hang himself in his cell and may Congresswoman Giffords return to a normal life!


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