One Check-up Away from Homelessness

Homeless people want to be homeless. Homeless people are lazy. Homeless people are drug addicts or alcoholics.  Homeless people are mentally ill.  How often have you heard those statements?  How many … [Read more...]

60 Minutes Insider Trading Video: Our Elected Inside Traders in Congress

Is it any wonder that Wall Street magnates have gotten away scot-free with precipitating the financial crisis? Not only is there a rotating door between Wall Street firms and our government (Hank … [Read more...]

A Political Opinion

I, as we all, have been frustrated with our irresponsible government.  I have looked for options and wondered about the possibilities, and what follows is my political opinion. A new party?  Never … [Read more...]

Government Waste

What about that new GAO report on government waste? I can't believe our elected officials are so irresponsible with the taxes we pay! … [Read more...]

Giffords Shooting

What a tragedy for such a beautiful, bright, caring, talented congresswoman to be shot by some nut! This story of congresswoman Giffords being shot is full of so many tragedies.  Nine year old … [Read more...]