One Check-up Away from Homelessness

Homeless people want to be homeless. Homeless people are lazy. Homeless people are drug addicts or alcoholics.  Homeless people are mentally ill.  How often have you heard those statements?  How many … [Read more...]

Nursing home advocate — Caring for the Elderly Parent

We all need someone on our side no matter how old or young we are, especially an elderly parent in a nursing home.  After placing my dad in the nursing home, I realized he really needed an advocate … [Read more...]

Quest for the Spirit Bear

spirit bear

I have always enjoyed any trip where bears are involved and seen up close.  Most people have never even heard of a spirit bear unless you recently read National Geographic's article on the little … [Read more...]

More Great Vegetarian Dinner Recipes – Whitewater Cooks Cookbook

vegetarian dinner recipes whitewater cooking glory bowl

I have owned and enjoyed many cookbooks in my life.  I find them all over the place--garage sales, book stores, but in this case on a boat in far northern British Columbia, Canada while I was on the … [Read more...]

Great Vegetarian Dinner Recipes: Black Bean Soup

vegetarian dinner recipes black bean soup

Great vegetarian dinner recipes don't have to be complicated. Nor does a good, cheap meal, cooked from scratch. This one  will cost you only pennies (well, maybe dimes...). It just takes a bit of … [Read more...]

A Place for Mom (or Dad): Hidden Nursing Home Costs

nursing home costs wheelchair

As we Boomers face getting older, I think we all have the fear of the "nursing home" if not for our selves, for our parents. When thoughts of a nursing home come to mind I can't help but think of … [Read more...]

The Wannabe Gardener

I have always enjoyed gardening no matter how big or small the plot was and even considered patio pots as my garden. I do however consider myself a wannabe gardener. The wannabe comes from the fact … [Read more...]